‘Tis the Season to Be Thankful for You

Some love the holidays, and others hate ‘em. Personally, I find myself to be in the middle of the spectrum.

I believe the holidays show us what we have. They are structured in such a way that emphasizes some of the unfairness that exists in our culture. To most, the holidays are a time to enjoy gift-giving/receiving as well as spending time with loved ones. However, everyone over the age of 10 should understand that these activities are not a possibility for all.

For those who have a hard time with holidays, or have struggled in some way this year, I have a message for you.

On Thanksgiving, we are supposed to reflect on what we are thankful for in life. Some families go around the table and share things like “I’m thankful for family and friends” or “I’m thankful for our home”, but this holiday season, I challenge you to think of something you are thankful for that lies within you.

For example, this year, I am thankful for my bravery. I was brave enough to start a blog that I didn’t think anyone would read, brave enough to try new things at work, and brave enough to face other obstacles in my personal life. Things that I always feared. But thanks to ME, I faced those fears.

Think of it as instead solely focusing on being thankful for something that exists in the physical world, acknowledge the mental/spiritual side as well. There’s a lot there that often gets ignored.

Now it is your turn, what is something about yourself that you are thankful for this holiday season?

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