My Favorite Songs About Love and Relationships

My Favorite Songs About Love and Relationships

Haha surprise! Today, I’m keeping it light so all of you can recover from the heavy mess I made in my blog post from yesterday: Love Is a Labor: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Many artists and songwriters are in their own way philosophers — which is probably the reason why I love music! The talented ones bring a unique perspective on life, and today I am going to share a few of my favorite songs regarding love and relationships. 

Here we go: 

  1. Heart of Gold, Neil Young

First of all, I love the harmonica. Okay, it’s not the happiest of songs, but it speaks to me because Neil Young is pointing out that a heart of gold is rare and he won’t stop his search. He’s keeping his standards high! 🙂 A big heart is a big plus in my book.

  1. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Coldplay

If you are ever down about anything in life, please give this song a listen. It is an instant mood lifter. It is the perfect post-breakup song as it mentions taking something negative and turning it into something beautiful, like a waterfall.

  1. Sky Full of Stars, Coldplay

Coldplay, again! This song will be played at my wedding. I don’t care what anyone says. Basically, Chris Martin is saying that out of all of the people in the world, he only sees one. This song brings out the hopeless romantic in me and provides a sense of optimism. 

  1. House on Fire, Rise Against

House on Fire is not about romantic love, Tim McIlrath sings about the challenges of being a parent and the unconditional love that comes with it. The idea of unconditional love is beautiful yet extremely painful and this song does it justice.

  1. I Say a Little Prayer, Aretha Franklin 

Happy and light-hearted. It’s a good song to listen to while showering or getting ready for the day. I think this one will be played at my wedding as well.

  1. With A Little Help From My Friends, The Beatles

The message here is that friends are important. To me, friends bring a ton of joy into my life and we should put more emphasis on this type of love.

  1. Where You Lead, Carole King

Good luck taking this song out of the context of Gilmore Girls (it is the intro song). Love makes us do crazy things, like give up some of our own interests to be with someone. Although this can cause issues, Carole King shines a positive light on it with her upbeat song.

  1. Joy to the World, Three Dog Night

Another one for my wedding, a classic from the Forrest Gump soundtrack! To me, this song is about focusing on the positive things in life, like love!

Feel free to share your favorite songs about love and relationships in the comments!

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