This Will End

While we don’t have much control over the disease itself, we have the power to turn on little lights in this dark time.

Young Adulthood Binge Drinking Pressures

Once I turned 21 and alcohol became easily accessible, drinking became an anti-climactic activity. Sure, I’ll drink from time to time to celebrate and socialize (had a blast at karaoke last week!), but overall, I don’t think drinking in large quantities benefits your mind, body, or soul.

Undefining Love

There are many rules and expectations we learn when it comes to love. From gender roles in a relationship to the age you should get married. Most of these guidelines point you to one goal, to reproduce.

Love Responsibly

In a relationship, many of your actions impact your partner. It’s like you are in this together or something. Your partner’s concerns become your concerns.

7 Ways to Remain Authentic in a Relationship

Love is the most irrational and beautiful thing we experience in this strange world of ours. To me, love is a force. It motivates us to act in ways that go against our own interests. I don’t mean this negatively. Instead of focusing solely on ourselves, we invite someone else in. We start to care about them, resulting in a less-selfish lifestyle.

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